Like the stones she works with, Nicole Kagan is a multi-faceted artist. Her work is currently focused on exploring ‘adornment’ as a means of personal expression. Her formal background in painting, photography & drawing at the University of Guelph and in Graphic Design at the Ontario College of Art & Design constantly informs her work as an artist. Nicole is fascinated by artwork that bleeds across traditional boundaries. It’s not uncommon to find poetry or photography in her paintings or elements of sculpture, photography and poetry in her jewellery.

Nicole is happiest in her Toronto studio, exploring the magical tension that exists between colour, texture, form and composition. She tends to be drawn to organic processes, themes and imagery. Her aesthetic is at once eclectic, bold & funky while also managing to distill a sense of elegance and classiness. Nicole’s designs explore the multi-faceted sides of the women who wear her creations. Her customers are strong, passionate women of all ages who are ‘up to things’ in the world. These are women who can flow freely between gentle, poised introspection and bold, sassy playfulness. Nicole Kagan creates wearable art to adorn these amazing women as they dance through life.

Nicole’s work is largely comprised of an array of semi-precious stones, fresh water pearls, antique, cultural & unique beads, wood, leather, gold, brass, copper, bronze, sterling silver & fine silver.

Her work can be found at the following stores in Toronto: Arts on King, Arts on Queen, Made Your Look & Distill. Customers can also visit her directly at her Toronto studio to view current inventory as well as her ongoing collection of mixed-media paintings. (contact: 416 648 1926 to arrange a visit)